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General Information

Gomez employs on both a salaried and weekly paid basis, dependant on the position you apply for. In most cases salaried recruitment is advertised via specialist publications as well as Gomez’s employment website. Weekly paid positions are advertised in the local press and again on this website.

To apply for a weekly paid position you will generally be asked to complete an application form which will normally be processed within 3 working weeks, a written response to your application will then be sent out to you.

Salaried staff will be asked to provide a C.V. with covering letter. You will be notified within 4 weeks whether you have been successful. If you are successful in your application you will be asked to attend at least one interview. You will then receive a written response to your application.

Gomez is one of the UK's biggest produce companies and we're always on the look out for the very best talent in the industry.

If you would like to add your C.V. to our employment database and be notified when a relevant position becomes availabe.

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Employment at Gomez
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